Friday, 24 June 2011

Then start to 'Plus one'

With Chrome in place and a Google email account, find a website you like and 'Plus one' it. You will be taken to your profile page and hey presto, a new 'Plus one' tab appears.

Getting a Google Plus One button

If you download Google Chrome for your internet browser, you can easily find a Google Plus One download to attach to your Operating System.

Embedding Hype animations into websites

Create the animation, export it as HTML5, open it in a browser & go to code view, copy the html & embed it in a webpage. Put all files in the same folder on your server.

Hype and HTML5 animations/websites pt3

HTML5 allows you to create dynamically rich content easily. Requires basic understanding of Java-script in order to embed your animations into websites.

Hype and HTML5 animations/websites pt2

Hype is very clever as it automatically created the Java-scripts needed to animate objects. There is no need for Flash or photoshop etc. It thus works better...

Hype and HTML5 animations/websites

Take a look at: Web design and Multimedia - You will find animations created in an Apple App called 'Hype'. They have been saved as HTML5 files.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Skype + Call recorder for TEFL teachers

Call recorder is not free & works with Skype. It allows you to record a live conversation with a student. You can thus send the student the sound recording to help them learn English.